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Contek Life Science Co., Ltd is established in 2005. Contek has specialized in the development and production of nattokinase raw material. With regard to the concerns about the society and wellbeing, we have devoted to supply nutraceutical with uncompromising quality and competitive price, as our fulfillment in participating in diverse social enterprise activities.


Since the initiation of the company, by our constant innovation and research, Contek is capable to manufacture  60,000 FU/g Nattokinase as our most sophisticated specification. Also, Contek develop the coating technique of nattokinase to resist the corrosion of stomach acid comprehensively. In addition, we provide ODM/OEM service on customized specification of nattokinase raw material by customer’s requirements to offer a solution our customer is looking for.

Contek Life Science officially announced the production and marketing of Nattokinase in Taiwan.

The first generation raw material specification was 5,000 FU/g.

The raw material specification increased to 20,000 FU/g.

Contek Life Science and affiliated companies had marketed Nattokinase raw materials to reach 25 regions and cities.

The highest specification for Nattokinase raw materials reached 35,000 FU/g, and 5,000 FU/g per single capsule in the finished product compound, the highest in the world.

Contek successfully developed a new product—Longan Flower Extract. Contek joined Alibaba global trade website and expanded to become a Gold Supplier due to the continuous support from our international buyers.

Contek participated in various international exhibitions
FI Asia-China: 2009-2016
Vitafoods: 2013-2014
SupplySide West: 2011, 2016
Hi Korea: 22-24 August 2017
SupplySide West: 28-29 September 2017

  • YM University Taiwan Medical School and Taipei Municipal First Girls' Senior High School Scholarship Due to the flaw health care insurance system, it cause the scarcity of physicians. Taiwan medical school scholarship is founded to inspire more young people dedicating to medical profession, improvising the future medical system of Taiwan. In addition, we offer financial support to the disadvantaged students. Empower them to focus on study and be well-educated to make great contribution to society.

  • Health care service delivery of remote area We sponsor medical students offer the health care service to the remote area of Taiwan and Chiang Mai. The services range from fundraising, commodity donation, and medical internship…etc to understand the idea of “Unite For Sight” and reflect the limit of hygiene facility and work.

  • Sponsorship on Taiwan Guide Dog Association Contek is committed to build the supportive environment for visually disabled to elevate the quality of life and live individually by sponsoring the association. The sponsorship on guide dogs training empowers visually disabled to make their lives on the track.

  • Outreach education program HOOP is a NGO founded by the young volunteers worldwide to offer the access of english learning programs to the kids living in remote area. Contek aim to spread goodwill to the countries besides Taiwan. By standing for HOOP, the organization reach the goal for Contek as well. It’s a breaking milestone for Contek and HOOP to engage in the change of the world with full effort.

Nattokinase, The longevity secret of Japanese
It's said in 1087, natto has been discovered from rice straw and been dietary to date. After 900 years since 1087, the active ingredient is isolated by Japanese academic, which is well-known as nattokinase.

Nattokinase is regarded as serine protease. It possesses the unique catalytic capability, which is able to eliminate blood clot by 4 pathways of physical mechanism to protect cardiovascular system by prevention of high blood pressure and relevant disease.Since long ago, Japanese regard natto as daily diet. The activity of a bowl of natto is equal to 2,000 FU/g (FU, Fibrinolytic Unit).


Contek Life Science Co., Ltd.

Contek Life Science Co., Ltd.

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